View of Foxborough Common today. The Baker families were an integral part of Foxborough's history.

Baker Street
Foxborough's Baker Street Historic District
Foxborough, Massachusetts,  USA

On October 1, 2001, Baker Street was voted in as the Town of Foxborough's first Historic District. The importance of such a vote, among being the locale to more than a dozen houses dating as far back as 1835, is the preservation of six periods of authentic American Architecture, many of which were built and owned by citizens who helped shape the town of Foxborough into what it is today. This site takes a look at the architecture, history and stories behind a few of the Baker Street homes, and the historic significance of the Baker Family. These topics can be viewed by clicking on one of the topics in the upper left-hand side.

Special thanks to Mr. Jack Authelet of The Foxborough Historical Commission and Heather McCarron of the Country Gazette for providing articles and photographs of Baker Street for this website.

There remains much of the history in these 1832 (black & white) and 2002 (color)photos of Baker Street. Move your pointer over the photo above to see the 2002 photo. Move your pointer off of photo to view historic 1832 picture. On both phots note on the right at 9 and 13 Baker St and the tower of 12 Baker St on the left.

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