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There are several historical items regarding Foxborough History which are available for purchase..


Memorial Hall Pen and Ink This "pen and ink" drawing by the late Don Bridges is an excellent drawng of Memorial Hall. ($2.00 plus postage) It is an excellent drawing of Memorial Hall which was first a G.A.R post and library and now the Foxborough museum and archives. It is listed on the National Registar of Historic Places. You are invited to visit this local landmark and its contents.


Map of 25 Divisions Map of 25 Divisions - 1720 Map or Plot of original land divisions, includes areas incorporated later as Foxborough and Sharon, MA - ($3.00 plus postage) This map was drawn with North pointing down. Cracked Rock and Shepard's rock are shown but many of today's road and boundaries had not yet been established. It contains the names of the owners in 1720 as set out from Roxbury. It shows rivers and road of the day with parts of Wrentham, Bridgewater, Stoughton, Mansfield Sharon and other areas. It was copied by Frederick Endicott in June, 1895 and reprinted recently.

Foxborough map of 1850 Foxborough Map of 1850 - Contains roads, landmarks, names of residents - ($2.00 plus postage) It lists the settled ministers from 1786 to 1863. It lists early selectmen, town clerks, and justices of the peace. Census counts from 1790 to 1850 are shown. Representatives to General Court are listed from 1779 to 1850. Graduates to Harvard, Brown and Yale are listed for the years of 1790 thru 1837.


Foxborough, Gem of Norfolk County Foxborough, Gem of Norfolk County, The Making of America Series by Jack Authelet - Foxborough Historical Commission, Arcadia Publishing, 2001 - ($24.99 plus postage) This book tells the story of Foxborough. It is divided into the following chapters.

Glimpses of Early Foxborough Glimpses of Early Foxborough by Jack Authelet - Published by the Foxboro Company, 1978 - ($25.00 plus postage) This book written on the 200th anniversary of Foxboro's incorporation describes the How Foxboro got its name from Charles Fox. The first Town meeging on June 29, 1778 in the Meeting House on the Common led to churches and school districts. The Dorchester School Farm, the oldest standing building in Foxboro contained 930 acres or nearly 1/12 of the town in 1709. Native American settlements is evidenced by a dolmen in the Gilbert Hill State Forest. Land Grants by the Mass Bay Colony was first awarded to William Jefferys in 1660. The Legend of the Tory Treasure is told with an illustrated map. The Norfolk-Bristol Turnpike opened in 1806, was a toll road from which commerce thrived. The story of Seth Boyden, inventor recognized by Thomas Edison is told. Mines and manufacturing, schools, mills storys are told. Rockland Farm by Charles and Mrs. Morse was a farm school to many boys from Boston. The reservoir on Power House Hill is depicted along with early 1900 Foxboro Historical Society Plans. The life of the most influential man in Foxboro's history Erastus P. Carpenter is documented. Many other stories and associated photos make this a "must-read" for those who study early Foxboro history.

Foxborough, Arcadia's Images of America Foxborough, Arcadias's Images of America Series by Jack Authelet - ($19.99 plus postage) This is a book of many old photographs. It shows how the Foxborough lived, worked, played, traveled, provided, worshiped, learned came of age and how they celebrated. It illustrates a self-contained Society. It is dedicated to those hearty pioneers whose determination turned a dream to reality; and to those who followed them to this special place, drawn by that same sense of community which has made Foxborough so unique. The photographs are arranged as much as possible to form a social comentary on life in Foxborough from the mid-nineteenth century through the town's sesquicentennial in 1928.

Foxborough: World War II by Jack Authelet - ($25.00 plus postage) Published Nov, 2003

History and Directory of Foxborough History & Directory of Foxboro, Mass 1890 by R.W Carpenter, reprint 1989 - Foxborough Historical Commission - ($12.00 plus postage)

Foxborough House Plaques Foxborough House Plaques - Foxborough Historical Commission - ($5.00 plus postage)

These items are available from the Foxborough Historical Society. Make checks payable for the books to The Foxboro Historical Society and mail to P.O. Box 450 with the name of the book you want. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Supplies may be limited.

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